Rapidleech Extra Version !!!

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Rapidleech_v2.3_PlugMod_rev.36_by_eqbal -moded by Idoenk

Official Rapidleech Site:
Rapidleech Plugmod By Eqbal

This Rapidleech is just our simple modification.
with simple view, feature and integrate things that mean our habit to do like leeching and re-transloading, farming or wotever you name it!.
Dont ever think this is purely code of mine,. this is just only a mod. Tersipu
Many, many, and many bugs may occurs, we are still on it to make it better .
Codename revision 36B doesnt mean Beta, it just wot it is,. i just match with size 36B, Hammer

Filename: RL_36B_ModBy_Idoenk_RLF_rv7.1.zip
Published: 201209.04:25am GMT+7
External Link: N/A
Test-Drive: N/A
User-Log Mode: N/A

RL access= ccpb:ccpb
XPanel= admin:admin

Template Preview

::RL Developer
::Lovely OLC family.. :heart:
::Pesulap seantero ccpb.. :heart:

RS-ACC Check Preview
X-Panel Preview

[Image: 104fg3n.png]



  • acc checker, undetected point value,(acchk.php) Thanks to Syalala

  • critical security issue, (LFI; XSS; Pack Rename); (upload.php; options.php) Many Thanks to sayurganja;rapidthief;habs;bkis.
    Dont want taking a risk with Pack Feature? How to disable it? rename or delete tar.php and pear.php


  • minor update:: language selective (beta) (available: Indonesia-English)

  • xpanel text-box maxsize expanded (BW might need more value; autodelete might have a float value).


  • user-log activity. Many Thx to: habs, AlergiCendol

  • 3 method DL in audl (queue,simultan,manual);. both queue & manual using iframe.

  • Expandable iframe allocation in audl.

  • Alternate switch to free download when premium not available. Many Thx to: Goodie

  • Patch bugs, traffic stuck at 2GB. Many Thx to: 0ner

  • Encrypt url param passed by audl.


  • Rebuild routine & Provide ajax in ServerFiles (Show All/Downloaded Files); LinkChecker;

  • MD5 / Changer

  • Optimize load list @ Lynx.php

  • Fix Split/Merge; Thx to: DanielX_x

  • Fix several plugins

  • Fix text filter when uploading a file containing an apostrophe (') Thx to: szalinski

  • Minor Update on css; selective theme.

  • setCheckboxes() do change className for tr

  • replace tab-button (made by kyra :">) Thanks

  • *Fix failed saving rapidshare.account.

  • Collapse/Expand grouped config settings, in cpanel

  • Add ViewConfig, in cpanel.

  • Options to choose shown Column in Server Files.

  • MD5 Column defaultly not shown. eat lot of time show list in ShowAll mode.

  • value="" on every embeded account/cookie

  • Delete cookie "ShowAll" when showall disabled in cpanel.

  • _create_list() never do md5_file in lynx.php. suppose to be faster.

  • Clear Setting do try{} for inexist element id

  • Fix Link Checker works w/o curl (fgc mode on)

  • Link Checker do replace rapidsh^t masking filter

  • Optimize Link Checker loop, fill break after one match link checked.

  • Fix megarotic||megaporn Link Checker

  • Merge-Split w/o crc file. thx to Daniel_X_x.

  • Audl addlink() do check correct link format.

  • Multiaccount for rapidshare, thx to TheOnly

  • Online Visitor. thx to habs,TheOnly

  • DEFINE all writable files in index,config.

  • is__writable do check FILES_LST is it chmod 777

  • Silent mail function error

  • Rebuild pointbooster, now working not just in opera.

  • fix pointbooster failed get acc on next load

  • pointbooster do rewrite downloaded file (saving space)

  • pointbooster disabled when fired from audl

  • TBLoad ajax update:
    :: *Fixed failed get path link,. Thanks to cp2010
    :: (TBLoad) refresh failed, coz of http_referrer checking in acchk.php. switch use authorized session. Issued by ind0coder, Thanks.
    :: trim long download link in server files
    :: boxed table in server files, thx to TheOnly
    :: customized action files
    :: keep thead viewable in boxed table files
    :: add "release me" -> release pure table from the box.
    :: mod action files prompt and result; add close button

  • Plugins Fix:
    __DLPlug:netload.in, thx to mamah vivi
    __DLPlug:megaupload, test using cookie,. working.

changed file LOG:
other.php; main.php; acchk.php; options.php; audl.php; lynx.php, 02.php; config.php; xpanel.php; xpanelform.tpl.php; mail.php; js.php


  • deprecated feature: safemode

  • deprecated useless status-bar ajax

  • static javascript now set as link

  • support limited acc for any available acc

  • add audl limit link

  • ajax delete file in lynx. using Facebox(for jQuery)

  • using googleapis external link for jquery.min.js

  • TBLoad fully with XML parsing.

  • add upload acc in xpanel,.Thx DarkNight, Viant.

  • support themes,. where it should extracted ? "misc/tpl/" :
    -matrix, by habs-zizi.
    .zip _matrix.zip (Size: 178,5 KB / Downloads: 122)
    -kav by habs.
    .zip _kav.zip (Size: 86,78 KB / Downloads: 112)

  • fix css thingie main.php

  • fix css audl iframe

  • fix css upload

  • fix audl check valid url link

  • fix audl global premium acc embeded

  • fix xpanel upload acc

  • fix xpanel disable action files settings

  • fix index pasca leech (filectime path file)

  • fix limitbyip for every host in plugin hosts . Thx DarkNight

  • fix link checker: (uploading.com; easy-share.com; hotfile.com)

  • rename file: rschk.php -> ajax_lnk.php

  • rename file: acchk.php -> ajax_main.php

  • fix hotfile plugin premium user


  • AutoSubmit RS. Free link when c>0

  • html_retry failed to switch to free download mode

  • outside root download folder

  • download dir tested work @ parent dir or higher

  • fix path location JS cookie

  • Server Checker (separated tool) by TheOnly

  • Limit cpuload thx to TheOnly

  • Limit MaxJob

  • Add lang element


  • fix xpanel, saving MUhash; premium_acc_audl.

  • fix audl.php, use acc based on premium_acc_audl

  • fix auul.php, clone feature from Rv.5 (MYUPLOAD_LST link)

  • fix index.php, Free DL MU plugin ~line 277

  • fix index.php, Delete Link not workin ~line 568. Thx DarkNight.

  • fix other.php, relist IP_L33CH_L0G after delete file

  • fix [DL] plugin by kaox: filefactory; zshare; uploading. Thx Viant77.

Upd-LOG: index.php; auul.php, audl.php, xpanel.php, xpanelform.tpl.php, misc/js.php


  • fix CPU Limit not work; Thx DarkNight

  • fix xpanel failed in numeric check. Thx R0CKABILLY

  • fix TBLoad failed when filename containing Ampersand (&)

  • fix header html_error page

  • fix limitbyip counter when MU-cookie embeded alone - R.1; Thx Viant77

  • fix saving with UTF-8 from Unicode filename.

  • fix rs (german) acc checker; Thx R0CKABILLY

  • Add Ajax instant edit (rename file); +rsajax_ren.js; +misc/editsave.png

  • Add Check Text Matches By Daniel_.

  • Add Auto-Reset Traffic.

  • Add sharebase acc in xpanel. Thx Viant77

  • Switchable to old procedure (dont use ajax in list server-files).

  • Split ajax_main.php for each action

  • deprecated css in Rx08_2208081410_d4Mn.log.php

  • css for themes add node, look for detail.

rv.7.1 [Image:  315zs6q.png] Latest Update

  • Fix simultan downlod which is not workin after Rv.5,.

  • Add Limit By Country, db Require classes/GeoIP.dat; src: http://geolite.maxmind.com/download/geoi...oIP.dat.gz
    You can find out Country ID (w/o dot (.) prefix) in here => ccTLD :: Country/dependency/region

  • Add File Age Column

  • _create_list() always get filectime (last changed) directly from file.

  • Fix Autodelete issue by adding server timezone.

  • Fix CSS delete confirm, literaly looks like facebook

  • Add Delete Link in Server Files, just like @ Lynx

  • (+)misc/jquery.min.js now included ( src: http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqu...ery.min.js )

  • Add Switch Using Ajax directly -- (client-side view only). inspired from Gmail, Thx G. >,<

  • Fix failed filesort after doing "release me"

  • Several updated plugin, Thx to Viant.

  • deprecated "Running Task Download" feature.

  • clean-up duplicate procedure/function.

  • _create_list() try store filesize & filecount,.

  • Support filesize 2Gb (test-under Win-32bit).

  • Fix lynx.php jQuery ignored when jquery.min.js unavailable.

  • Fix xpanel.php clear cookie.

  • Fix missed Check downloadLimitbyip; Thx Akangage.

  • (Minor) <hr> positioning issue ; Thx habs.

  • (Minor) bug in del.php; Thx ROCK.

  • (Minor) Traffic Left Unit in RS Acc Status ; Thx ROCK.

Quote:Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@server3.dir4u.org and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Viant77 Wrote:just delete line 2 dan 3 on your .htaccess


php_value max_execution_time 0
php_value max_input_time 0

or if you still got problem just delete .httaccess file


[DIR] chmod 0777 0x14 (* wajib bin absolute
[DIR] chmod 0777 tmp (* if($limitbyip)

[FILE] chmod 0666 config.php (* if(xpanel()->editing[config.php])
[FILE] chmod 0666 Rx08_2208081410_f1L3Z.lst (* dianjurkan
[FILE] chmod 0666 Rx08_2208081410_IP_L33CH_L0G.lst (* dianjurkan
[FILE] chmod 0666 Rx08_2208081410_tR4fic.txt (* if($limitbytraffic)
[FILE] chmod 0666 Rx08_2208081410_v1zit0r.lst (* if($GetOnline())
[FILE] chmod 0666 Rx08_2208081410_d4Mn.log.php (* if(logactivity())
[FILE] chmod 0666 Rx08_2208081410_d4Mn_Last.txt (* if(logactivity())
[FILE] chmod 0666 Rx08_2208081410_ongoingTask.lst (* if(MaxServerJob())
[FILE] chmod 0666 myuploads.txt (* if(autoupload())


.zip RL_36B_ModBy_Idoenk_RLF_rv5.zip (Size: 440,54 KB / Downloads: 4062)

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