How to make Cheat undetected again after hackshield patch


1. Byte Changer : Download
Credits by mayion, intellectual, zheer |

2. Net Framework : Download

Why this small trick worked??
When Anti-Hacking systems knows about a hack, it blacklist the hashs & the name.For example if you injected a dll & it's blacklisted, PB or whatever will detect it.Changing the size will reset the hash so it will become harder to detect it.Like using HxD, you change symbols, it do the same by adding bytes to the file.

So you can use the cheat again without need to download new cheat file :D

1. Download and install NetFramework
2. Run Byte Changer with adminstrator privilege
3. Load File and change the value of 'file size to add' anything you want. then click proceed

Img 3
4. Select the directory for file saving and after that, rename the injector name to same as the dll you had saved

5. Done! Now run the injector you previously renamed and cheat should undetected against new hackshield

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