Brother In Arms 3 Apk Full Cracked

The internationally acclaimed WW2 franchise returns with blood-pumping shooting action, spectacular killcams, and lots of amazing experimental weapons. Become Sergeant Wright and experience a dramatic, life-changing journey in the aftermath of the Normandy invasion. Lead your band of highly trained brothers on the frontline and use their special abilities in the heat of the battle. Upgrade your weapons, improve your soldiers’ skills and fight against the enemy army! EXPERIENCE UNIQUE SQUAD-BASED COMBAT > Utilize your brothers' arsenals to gain a tactical advantage! > Employ their diverse abilities: Air Strike, Molotov Cocktail, Rocket Blast, Mortar Fire and many more. > Unlock new allies. Upgrade them into seasoned soldiers: damage output, ability cooldown, HP pool, AoE ability damage and more! DIVE INTO EXHILARATING ACTION SHOOTER GAMEPLAY > Smooth cover-based 3rd-person-shooter action with free movement. > Various types of missions such as Assault, Sniper, Siege and Stealth. > Impressive killcam zooms in on enemy soldiers. PICK YOUR FAVORITE WEAPON > Unlock new weapons and turn them into the ultimate arsenal with fire rate, recoil, reload speed and clip size upgrades! > Discover the game-changing power of experimental weapons and defeat an entire army! > Wreak havoc with their cool abilities: triple or infinite bullets, electric discharges and more! ENJOY EYE-CATCHING VISUAL EFFECTS > Stunning indoor and outdoor game settings. > Weather and time-of-day variations. > Console-like graphics for a AAA game. WIN AWESOME REWARDS IN SPECIAL EVENTS > Ladder challenge with gradually more difficult missions for better prizes. > Limited-time events with exclusive drops.

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