GLTools 1.98 Working For Lollipop Roms

This GLTools works fine on lollipop roms tested by me.

GLTools is a custom OpenGLES driver (proxy), that is compatible with any known OpenGLES 2.0-compatible GPU + ARM or x86 processor. If you still don't understand, what this app is, the closest known analog is Chainfire3D.

Features list:
- Change resolution and rendering bitness in any app, even if it doesn't support that by default.
- Change GPU name and enjoy enhanced graphics even on a noname low-end GPU.
- Take full control over textures: now you can decompress/recompress them (even if your GPU doesn't support that texture format) and resize. Note that decompression feature is available only if you'll install a plugin (internet is required to do that)
- Optimize shaders on-the-fly for optimal performance (the same optimizer is used in Unity3D engine by default)
- Enable MSAA or CSAA in any app to improve graphics quality (make sure that your GPU supports that)
- Measure gained performance with a nice onscreen FPS counter (or you can output FPS information to Logcat if you are a pro)

Changelog 1.98
Experimental aarch64 support.

Instructions(Settings are Mainly intended for low end devices):

-Install gltools
(Note: Enable backup option in the app in case something goes wrong. a cwm flashable zip which can uninstall gltools will be formed)
-Open app. then give root access and install tex plugin(and not none otherwise this app wont work how its supposed to)
-Reboot the phone
-Open app. a list of apps installed will come up
-Select ur app(gta 3 for me)
-Check on enable custom setting
-Tick force 16 bit rendering
-Tick optimize glsl shaders
-Set enable texture decomp. to all(to incr quality otherwise set to none)
-Set enable texture recomp. to none
-Set downscale textures to 0.5 and check if it still lags make 0.25x(anything below that will make text unreadable)
-I also faked gpu info though it may not be needed (i did adreno 320)
-In gta 3 display setting i minimised the resolution and draw distance disabled frame limiter
-Now the game is very smooth (textures are blurred and graphics are low)

Please do share ur own config for any game u manage to make smooth (or make it run if it wasnt earlier)
These settings are not always ideal. Do try combinations yourself
That would be all from my side.

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