Themida Cracked by LCG

Advanced Windows Software Protection System.

With Themida® , we have centered in the main weakness that software protectors have thus providing a complete solution to overcome those problems.Themida® uses the SecureEngine® protection technology that, when running in the highest priority level, implements never seen before protection techniques to protect applications against advanced software cracking.

Software protection programming is not a very well known field for most programmers. Software protection techniques are not like "visible" features that can be seen and compared. Because of this most software protection authors could talk about impressive techniques that are included deep inside the protection scheme, when many times most of these techniques hardly exist or they are much simpler than what they seem. 

Most software protectors reiterate a lot about using very strong cryptographic algorithms like RSA, Elliptic curves and AES hoping that the final user will believe that those protectors and the cryptic algorithms are unbreakable. This if far from the truth as software protection is very different from data protection. Even if a software protector encrypts the protected application with the most robust cryptographic algorithm, sooner or later the protected application needs to be decrypted in order to be run by the CPU. It is in this phase when most attackers will start their work by dumping the decrypted application from memory to disk thus not having to deal with the cryptographic algorithm and reconstructing of the original application.

In Themida® we want to be realistic about which weakness can be exploiting by attackers and what we really need to pay attention to protect an application with the highest security possible against software cracking.

Themida [] (05-Feb-2015)
Added support for IEEE Software Taggant System
FISH VM: Improved virtualization of "POP REG16"
Improved handling of STR_ENCRYPT macros
Added support for dereferences inside macro markers
Added detection for pointers outside macro markers referencing a location inside a macro
Preserved original Debug Directory with option "RestoreSectionsAttributes"
Added correct OMF LIB for x64
FISH64 VM: Fixed virtualization of "XCHG REG32, [MEM32]"
FISH64 VM: Fixed virtualization of "XCHG REG32, REG32"
Fixed bug with default selected VMs when opening several projects
Fixed exception with internal variables randomization in very specific applications

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