WinLicense Cracked by Sound

Professional Software Protection And Licensing Management.

WinLicense combines the same protection-level as Themida with the power of advanced license control, offering the most powerful and flexible technology that allows developers to securely distribute trial and registered versions of their applications.

WinLicense is a powerful protection system designed for software developers who wish to protect their applications against advanced reverse-engineering and software cracking. Developers do not need any source code changes or programming experience to protect their applications with WinLicense.
WinLicense uses SecureEngine® protection technology, which is able to run its code at the highest priority level to implement never before seen protection techniques; this protects any application with the highest level of security.
Here are just a few of WinLicense's protection features:
  • Multilevel encryption to protect code and data in an application.
  • Advanced detection of cracking tools.
  • Execution of code the highest level of priority to implement never before seen protection techniques.
  • Scrambles executable code, data, and APIs in the application to avoid any possible reconstruction of the original application.
  • Protection against all disassemblers and debuggers.
  • SDK offers two-way communication with SecureEngine® and the protected application.
  • Advanced technology which prevents dumping from memory to disk.
  • Fully customizable protection options and dialogs.

The main objective of WinLicense is to cover all current vulnerabilities in software protection. Most software protection programs claim to be the perfect solution against cracking, but this is far from reality. In the following list, we present the two main weaknesses in most software protectors and howWinLicense covers them.
•  Obsolete protection techniques: Normally, software protectors use obsolete protection techniques that can be easily defeated with newest cracking tools. Even the newest software protectors are just a copy of older software protectors with just some new and not-very powerful techniques against software cracking. WinLicense uses a new and very advanced technology that detects any possible cracking attempt of an application and ensures each application is uniquely protected to avoid general attacks.
•  Restricted execution by the OS: Current software protectors can only run their code with a “normal” privileges level. This means that they cannot implement advanced protection techniques which can only be executed in Kernel Mode, the highest operating system priority level.WinLicense runs parts of its code in Kernel Mode to implement the most advanced techniques against modern cracking, making it a unique protector.

If you are in software development, be it something as simple as a shareware programmer or a position as high as a project manager, you need to protect your software. While estimates on how much money is lost annually from cracking and fraudulent use of software vary wildly, the point is that money is lost…not just money, but your money. All software developers need to take steps to protect their programs from being used illegitimately; let WinLicense do that for you.

WinLicense [] (10-Aug-2015)
Fixed sudden expiration in "Trial Days Expiration" and licenses with "Days Expiration"
Fixed specific mutation template for "MOV REG, [immediate]"
Fixed mutation in specific FPU opcodes

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