GPS Status & Toolbox Pro 7.0.140 Apk Full Cracked

GPS Status & Toolbox Pro 7.0.140 Apk Full Cracked

GPS Status & Toolbox Pro 7.0.140 Apk Full Cracked - have you ever waited minutes to get a GPS lock?.

Do you often forget where your car is parked? Did you ever wonder what sensors do your android powered device have and whether they work properly?

GPS Status & Toolbox is the answer to all your needs.
Displays all the GPS and sensor data you ever were curious about: position and signal strength of satellites, accuracy, speed, acceleration, altitude, bearing, pitch, roll and battery state.
Tools provided: compass with magnetic and true north, leveling tool, waypoints: mark or share your location and navigate back later using the Radar (especially useful for geocaching, or quick marking your actual position).
Speed up your GPS location finding: clear or update assistance data (A-GPS) regularly for faster fixes.

PRO features:
- show/store/edit/export multiple waypoints and use them on the Radar for navigation.
- pressure, rotation, temperature, humidity values on the status screen (if supported by the device)
- background A-GPS downloading
- removed ads

Changelogs :
  • 3 waypoints in the free version (unlimited in PRO)!!!
  • Material launcher icons.
  • Theme chooser got a preview and moved to the side navigation bar.
  • BeiDou satellites and visible waypoints are marked with a cross.
  • PRO: GPX/KML export, import and sharing on the Locations screen (needs SD card access).
  • Mirror the compass orientation if device screen is facing down.
  • Removed heart-rate sensor.
  • Samsung multi-window support is back.
  • Firmware bug workaround on S4/Note3, Android 4.3.

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